Glaxal Base® Moisturizing Cream and Moisture Therapy Lotion

New Glaxal Base® Moisturizers combine the natural foundation of earth’s ancient essence with scientific innovation to create therapeutic protection for your skin. This specially formulated hypoallergenic premium emollient helps seal in moisture to protect the skin from harsh weather, pollution, and everyday stress which upset the skin’s delicate balance and result in the appearance of premature aging. Glaxal Base® soothes and rehydrates very dry and sensitive skin.

Glaxal Base® Moisturizing Cream is clinically recommended for nurturing, hydrating and restoring skin integrity. As the #1 recommended moisturizer for dry skin by Pharmacists in Canada, Glaxal Base® Moisturizing Cream is also used at oncology centers as a great moisturizer for people undergoing treatment.

Glaxal Base® Moisture Therapy Lotion is an everyday dry skin formula that nourishes and protects the skin. Glaxal Base® Therapy Lotion affords a smoother application, creating the appearance of softer and more supple skin.

Glaxal Base® has a 40-year history; this longevity can be attributed to its effectiveness as a moisturizer. Glaxal Base® creams and lotions are more effective for long-term relief than products that simply lubricate or grease the skin temporarily. Glaxal Base® relieves dryness and its thick consistency prevents moisture from leaving the skin. Glaxal Base® creams and lotions are water-soluble, non-greasy, non-medicated, hypoallergenic and lanolin-free. Glaxal Base® formulas are safe for the whole family.